Tomorrow’s the day; I have reached the end. I have come to the point of no return. The miracles I performed have touched thousands; I fed thousands more with two fish and a loaf of bread. And the smiles on the faces of my dearest friends and family tell the story, many times over, of the life I’ve lived for the Father here. But everything will change tomorrow.

I know what’s coming, for I knew of this day before I formed the earth and everything in it. It will be harder than anything man has faced here, but I’ll see it through. I love this man so much that I will give my life in exchange for his so that he can be with me in eternity. There is no other way.

I’ve seen what he will do…the mistakes he will make, the people he will hurt, the pain he will cause so many. But the cross is still worth it to me; I cannot bear to see him lost to the prince of this world.

So I have purposed in my heart to submit to the will of the Father. I will take the beating for this man. For him, they can rip out my beard and spit on me. They can ridicule me and tear the flesh from my body. For this one man, I will allow them to torture me until I am finally able to carry this cross of mine up to the crest of Golgotha. And for him I will pray as they nail my feet and hands to the tree I created, for he doesn’t know the depth of his sin and what it will cost him if I don’t do this. But I won’t lose him to that. He is far too precious to me.

So tomorrow night, when the Romans come with my dear friend, Judas, I will stand and face this death I don’t deserve. And while every one of my followers will desert me……and most troublesome of all, while I stand on that cross and watch as the Father turns His face from mine for the very first time……I will follow through on my promise to this man, and it will change his life forever.

I can’t wait for tomorrow……

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