The Undertaker meets Mr. Graves

I had a chance today to work out with infamous WWE star, Marc Calloway, otherwise known as “The Undertaker.” What a cool guy. I struck up a conversation with him between sets of tricep extensions. Turns out he has an event tomorrow night. We talked about wrestling, baseball and golf. My old roommate at Long Beach State, Jason Giambi, was a huge WWE fan; he wanted to make the change from baseball to wrestling at one point. Marc said he’d met Jason once before. I told him that if I ever made it to the PGA Tour I would look him up. He was good with that. Cool.
Completely unrelated, we are starting a new week again, and Jes is still going strong. I need to start working out with her more often, though; she says she feels pretty weak muscularly. Praise God we can still look forward to doing things like that together. I will have to ask her for a rematch in Chinese Checkers after my dismal performance tonight. I detest losing.
I have nearly completed David Jeremiah’s book, Life Wide Open. There’s so much to take from it. Most importantly is that God cares so much about how we live, and wants to empower us if we will only give our lives and dreams over to Him. It’s always difficult not to take the wheel, though, you know?
Lastly, our hearts go out to my step-brother and his wife tonight, as their 2-year-old son must undergo treatment for a tumor in/behind his eye. I just can’t imagine…God is in control, though. He always is. JG
From his career in professional baseball to an attempt at professional golf and the tragic loss of his wife, Jon Graves is on the journey of his life.

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