Nothing is truer than love

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Jeff Youngren, a friend of mine, a scientist, and an amazing photographer here in San Diego, recently took some photographs of me and the boys. I’d requested a couple of headshots for some projects I’ve taken on. Jeff thought it might also be a good opportunity to grab some of the boys, so we headed out to Point Loma Nazarene University on what turned out to be the perfect day for it. What he captured makes me want to cry.

The first thing I think about when looking at these photos (and there are so many more) is that the boys are remarkably handsome and photogenic. Getting past their physical appearance, though, I start wondering what they’re thinking about…what they believe is next on our horizon. Looking at the picture of Christian above, I doubt he’s thinking about anything else but having fun. But look deep into Everen’s eyes in the picture below. What’s going on behind that beautiful face? I think about these things all the time, and I can’t help wondering if I’ve done all I can to prepare them for the road ahead.

And what is the road ahead? Only God knows. I trust part of it will include telling the world about the power of love, or at least that’s what I pray about now. For as sappy as it sounds, love is everything. It’s what we identify with in the movies. It’s what makes us smile and yearn for more. It’s what keeps us going when all else is failing around us. And I’m not just talking about love in a man/woman relationship, but in friendships as well. Where there’s love, there’s always hope. Nothing is truer than love. And it all began with the Love that was nailed to a cross more than 2,000 years ago.

Tonight I asked Everen what he thought was beyond the first anniversary of “Happy Heaven Day” this August 15th. He said he hasn’t planned that far ahead. I couldn’t help but smile and wonder…..

Looking up. JG

From his career in professional baseball to an attempt at professional golf and the tragic loss of his wife, Jon Graves is on the journey of his life.
Love always.

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  • bluetaterbaby
    July 21, 2008

    What a blessing! The photos are great! Such precious boy! I know God is smiling in your life and giving you everything you need to continue to lead them down life’s journey. I can see both you and Jes in their little faces. What miracles!

    God bless,

  • Christy
    July 21, 2008

    Amazing, Jon. What beautiful little men God gave you.

  • Nadine
    July 26, 2008

    Wow I love your new blog Jon. Been thinking of you a lot lately, you know this time of year…..many prayers, and it looks like God is faithfully moving you forward.