Which Pre-Workout is Best? Review of C4 Sport
May 15, 2021
May 15, 2022


The Mesquite Sports & Events Complex. They say this is the Yankees Stadium of the sport of pro long drive. With a turf soccer field setup as a warm-up range just left of the event grid and a hard-edged desert mountain ridge creating a visual backdrop and a 470 yard manicured field, Mesquite is a long drive cathedral.


Having no prior experience with the sport, I went into the event with a fresh set of eyes, a willingness to learn from some of the best I'd connected with on Instgram over the past couple of months, and a serious lack of understanding on how winning works. I decided to spend $50 to compete in the local qualifier so I could get 6 swings on the grid just to gain an experience with it ahead of my event on Saturday. Money well spent. My first drive was 398 yards down the middle with the used driver I got off of eBay. I spend the next 5 swings trying to go bigger to no avail.

Note: I showed Bobby Peterson my eBay driver. Bobby runs One Stop Power Shop and is the owner of the Pro Long Drivers Association. He laughed, said he'd never seen anything like it, and told me I could hit it further with a new driver. I upgraded on the spot.

My Performance

On Saturday—new driver in hand—I stepped onto the grid for the first time officially competing for money. The wind was gusting 30-40 mph left to right and slightly with us. I went OB the first two rounds, stuggling to play the wind effectively, then had rounds of 390 yards, 425 yards, and 433 yards. Unfortunately, due to the points system I'd failed to learn about, a win and two 2nd place finishes weren't enough to get me into the Top 8. My event was over. I finished out of the money in 9th Place.

Lessons Learned

  1. Points matter. To advance to the Round of 8, you need to accumulate points each round. The top 8 points winners advance to the Round of 8.
  2. Always put a ball in play. Even if it's the shortest ball, you still earn 25 points. OB sets get zeroes, and it's hard to recover. I had two this event and missed the Round of 8 by 25 points. If I'd have put just one ball in play in my first two sets, I'd have made it in.
  3. I have the speed to compete with the best. I was watching the scores come in each round and I'm close to some of the top guys. That's encouraging.
  4. It's great to be competing again. This community is made up of a lot of top competitors and some really cool guys. I'm definitely going to stay involved.

On to the next event. I'll be back here in Mesquite in May and look forward to a better showing.