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Prop 8 passed. I’m pleased more about that than anything else from the election. Frankly, it’s all that really mattered to me. But my heart has been heavy all day for the homosexual couples who were married earlier this year (I know two of them). I read this afternoon that with the passing of Prop 8 will be the request to nullify all of those relationships stamped with marriage certificates from the State of California. It has nothing to do with religion or state, the definition of marriage or anything else political. I just feel for those men and women who formed what they thought would be a permanent, binding pact with each other and will suddenly find themselves in limbo. Imagine how you would feel if your marriage was no longer recognized by the state, or if someone tore up your marriage certificate…

That’s the predicament we face as Christians: Doing our best to fight for what we believe in, and then dealing with the fallout with love and grace. I have friends who are probably devastated as a result of the passing of Prop 8. Not friends who sympathized with gay couples…gay friends who were directly affected by this. It’s them. It’s knowing that they are hurt, mad, sad, confused… And it’s knowing that they will probably look at me with disdain or disappointment.

Living as a follower of Christ has its challenges, doesn’t it? This is why Jesus said the world will look upon us and hate us, because it first hated him.

From his career in professional baseball to an attempt at professional golf and the tragic loss of his wife, Jon Graves is on the journey of his life.

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  • Dad
    December 4, 2008

    Jon, this is an interesting perspective. If one can remove the “in your face” Gay-pride crap and just look at normal people who happen to be homosexuals desiring a committed relationship (and you KNOW them), we are, indeed, in a predicament. Because I know so many of them, I find it hard to be judgemental. Mainly, I’m bothered by gay ideologues with an agenda.

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