I am inspired by people who do things that take courage, who overcome, and who live with fire and daring. Here I feature what inspires me in the moment.

We’re Buying a Castle

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Yes, we’re buying a castle. In France. Or at least that’s the plan. There are plenty of reasons why. And to be honest, there are all kinds of reasons why we shouldn’t, not the least of which is the common knowledge that buying a chateau or castle is financial suicide. But I’m still on the positive side of this. I mean, seriously, we’re talking about BUYING A CASTLE.

I Was POTUS For A Day

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The packet said For Your Eyes Only. Inside was a briefing on the current situation in the world, with the (then) Soviet Union positioning itself to march into Iran and capture its oil fields. My briefing indicated that if the Soviets were allowed to take Iran, western civilization would end. I was the President of the United States, and it was my job to keep that from happening at all costs…even if it meant using nuclear weapons.