Ahhh the weekend

After a week of press about the Airport Authority's mailer, some work on other projects, building our Isagenix team web site and having a sleepover with three additional boys in the house, I am so glad to see the weekend's here. Jes and I did get a mid-week break, though, and played the redesigned and newly re-opened Sail Ho Golf Course. Not bad for what I think will be a great course for shoring up my short iron game.

In the end, I got to spend another day with Jeseca, and for that, I am grateful. One day at a time...

I read Numbers 13 again a couple of days ago...about the 12 spies. We all know the story, but what really got me was how Caleb silenced the others and told Moses and the Israelites that they could go in and take the land. The others had just described it, how there were giants in the land, and yet Caleb knew that they could take it because he knew God...he knew the nature of God personally. He was confident and without doubt. I want to be like that. God asks us to put that kind of trust in Him so we can go beyond what we know and believe and into the Promised Land He has for our lives. But we will never find out what's on the other side until we completely sell out to Him and allow Him to take us beyond our own levels of comfort. God is calling to our hearts to strive for more, to reach for more than what we can do on our own. I want to try.

From his career in professional baseball to an attempt at professional golf and the tragic loss of his wife, Jon Graves is on the journey of his life.