My name is Jon

Here's my life story and what I promise to deliver each time you are here.

When I was five years old, I watched my parents fight—I literally walked down the hall one night after hearing yelling from their bedroom, pushed open the door and watched my dad push my mom onto the bed. I closed the door and walked back down the hall to go to sleep, without a clue as to what I just saw or was about to experience. A few days later, I learned how to tie my shoes moments after my dad walked out. A few weeks later, I was in a grocery store 3,000 miles away with a couple bucks to buy some milk and bread for my mom and brother, who were waiting for me in the car.

Now that’s not the end of my story, of course. It’s the beginning of a life shaped by ups and downs, successes and failures, dreams and heartaches. We all experience those things, some more than others. I’ve had the opportunity to play baseball at the highest level, and I’ve had dreams come crashing down. I’ve lost the first woman I truly loved and the mother to our boys, but I’ve also found an extraordinary love with another woman, who loves our boys with equal conviction. You have your own stories, your own journey. Up or down, you and I have one thing we can control: how we are going to react, and what we will allow that experience to do to us.