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37. Wow. As I see it on-screen it’s not that bad. 36 sure sounded better, though. Today was hard…different…but it certainly wasn’t mundane.

I got out of work early, headed to the DMV (boy was I dreading having to take the Drivers License renewal test…it turned out that I didn’t have to…phew), and then headed off to ARTS to pick up the boys. When we got home, the boys ran ahead of me (they’d planned a surprise birthday party for me), and as I opened the front door, jumped out from behind the couch and out of the kitchen with a big “Surprise!” What love they have for their dad…

We finished out the night at Boomers with my mom (and Nadja, a foreign exchange student from Switzerland), my brother Mike, and our dear friend Sarah and her kids. We had a lot of fun racing the go-karts around the track, and inflicted a number of drivers with mild cases of whiplash. (Sadly, I won only once and placed 2nd twice…drat!) But when the evening ended and the boys were fast asleep, it was still just me in the living room thinking about this season of life.

It’s just a season, right? So I hold on to hope, for he who promised is faithful. And I look forward to a year of entirely new experiences.

From his career in professional baseball to an attempt at professional golf and the tragic loss of his wife, Jon Graves is on the journey of his life.
Love always.

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  • Sarah
    August 8, 2008

    What a blast that was! Thanks for having us. Tho you know you cheat, 😉 you know all the fast cars.. Love ya even tho. Hey 37 is a great number and a fresh start. God is good, He will see you through all of this and bring you through a new man, molded in His image.
    Thanks for many laughs and great fun. (Oh and I cant forget, the whiplash that had to be my favorite.) I loved it all. It was great to just get out and enjoy each others company. And actually get to hear your brother talk, that was great.
    Love ya, OLD MAN.. Just kidding.

  • Mom
    August 13, 2008

    What a blast indeed! It was fun for everyone and especially great to see you have fun again. I know it has been a long time.

    Expect and enjoy what God will do in your life this next year. For he has a great plan in place, I’m sure of it.

    Happy 37th, son! I love you.

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