The Natural Beauty of Yosemite

Our road trip up the Central California coast peaked in Yosemite. Where Hearst Castle was the most magical part of the journey, Yosemite was the most memorable.

When we booked the hotel from the comfort of our San Diego home without any knowledge of the size of Yosemite National Park and the roads in and out, it seemed like a 10 minute drive each way. That didn't actually work, and each day we were there we spent at least 60 minutes on the road to and from the park. Some people (including two in the car we were driving) might think that was a poor decision, but as always, I tried to see the positive in it. And as we drove back and forth, we had the most fun looking into the forests for waterfalls, burnt trees mixed with thriving, towering Pines, and the occasional herd of deer.

At one point, we pulled off the road leaving Yosemite's famous wall face to look around and found a wooded area that looked an awful lot like the speeder chase scene from the Return of the Jedi.

The sheer beauty of Yosemite is inspiring. We planned to stay in the area for another day but were told that President Obama would be there the next day and that traffic would be insane, so we decided to leave a day early. But I'll always want to go back. Look at these pictures!