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    I was on my way into work today and it hit me. It had been on my mind for some time, years perhaps. But today, as I drove west toward downtown San Diego in the quiet ease of the early morning, I realized how sad I am. In a couple of years, I won’t see […]

  • The Day I Was President

    The packet said For Your Eyes Only. Inside was a briefing on the current situation in the world, with the (then) Soviet Union positioning itself to march into Iran and capture its oil fields. My briefing indicated that if the Soviets were allowed to take Iran, western civilization would end. I was the President of the United States, and it was my job to keep that from happening at all costs…even if it meant using nuclear weapons.


    [bigletter custom_class=””]I lost my first wife, Jeseca, to cancer eight years ago. Why start with that? Well, because it was the most difficult situation I’ve ever faced, and it has shaped nearly every action I’ve taken in my life since. Something happens when you lose the person you love more than anyone in the world—it […]

  • Four years later…

    Just looking at this familiar, but so far removed from present life screen is strange. It’s been so long since I’ve had the chance, or even the interest to write again. And now……well, where do I begin? I made some changes to the site this week. To gain perspective on how long it’s actually been, […]

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